My 5-Day Juice Journey: Challenged, Tortured, & Failed

November 12, 2013 — 6 Comments

Maybe there is something to be said for fads–they are catchy, gimmicky, & well, EVERYONE seems to be doing it (at the moment). But then again, maybe there simply isn’t. Maybe we are best left to our own devices, devoid of what others attempt to push onto us for the sake of ABC.

As an adult, I’ve never been one to buy into the notion of a fad–not in fashion, my lifestyle, or otherwise. Why on earth would I need to have/to participate in something that would be short-lived and abandoned for “the next big thing”? Are you now thinking to yourself, “But you signed on for this 5 day juice cleanse?” Right, thought you might be, and that was my point. Somehow I convinced myself this juice reboot wasn’t a fad and I needed to do it for my health. I fell into the trap! Here is my story, and I assure you it is not wrapped in shiny paper with a perfectly neat little bow. The title of this post says it all: challenged, tortured, & failed.

Before I post my journal here, let’s recap a few things & make sure you have all the facts:

  • A 5-day juice reboot meant that for five straight days I would consume nothing other than water, herbal tea, and juiced fruit/vegetables in order to jumpstart healthier habits.
  • In addition to healthier habits, a juice reboot is supposed to ease digestion and promote healthier, more radiant skin (from the Vitamin influx)
  • On my Sunday shop, I purchased enough produce to complete all five days of my juice reboot and my total landed somewhere in the ballpark of 65 Euro. (Most people can’t eat 5x a day for that, so, I considered it a win.)
    Grocery Shop

Now that we’ve sorted the details of the reboot, let’s actually talk through it. Here is my journal — pasted word for word, moment by moment:

Day 1:

  • I’ve decided I prefer carrot juice to tomato juice.  Probably why I always liked V8 Splash best.
  • I should probably wear gloves while peeling beets, otherwise it’ll look like I murdered Joe in my sleep… and I should definitely lay off the ginger root on the next round!
  • I’m 9 hours in and I’m STARVING. My stomach is growling from lack of food to digest and my head is starting to hurt from lack of caffeine. But I suppose I’m hydrated? Why am I doing this again?
  • After a trip to/from the grocery store, I’ve learned what true self-control is because I only bought the items on the list and somehow manage to pick-up and put-down that donut three times! WINNING. I might’ve even felt slightly lighter on my walk home—but it’s entirely possible it was all in my head.

Day 2:

  • Struggled to get out of bed today – feeling really sluggish. Even after breakfast & coconut water still feeling BLEH.
  • 2PM – made lunch & afternoon snack and stomach will NOT stop GROWLING. Feeling off my game and drained.
  • Gave in and ate a vegetarian dinner; feeling immediately better and full of energy. Decided to modify the reboot to juice until dinner then eat a meal.
  • Still off caffeine and still have a headache, but it is mild & tolerable

Day 3:

  • Slept in, but had trouble getting out of bed again. Still not feeling energized
  • Headache finally gone but now stuck in the bathroom
  • Stomach growling again by lunch and feeling completely drained.
  • Got off my bum and cleaned the house & did a 20 minute workout. Used what little energy I had doing that.
  • Seeing no noticeable positive results! I kinda feel like I’m having nothing but the OPPOSITE impact. Maybe I ate healthier than I thought so this isn’t doing anything for me?
  • By dinner time I’m delirious, grumpy, and over everything. SCREW THIS.


Lesson learned: Juicing is NOT for me and I have no idea why anyone would choose to torture themselves in this way, “for the sake of their health”. I’m going back to my normal routine & going to focus on health in the ways that work for ME.


If any of you are contemplating a juice reboot, I challenge you to seriously consider your motives as well as your goals. I ate three solid meals Thursday and I instantly felt 120% better. A week later, I’m feeling normal again finally. [Side note: I'm doing great with the 30-day shred and have only missed two days!] I still have produce leftover, but I’ve been finding productive ways to incorporate it — be it into dinners, snacks, or fresh juice for breakfast. I’m not a fan of wasting what I spend money on! I won’t be embracing any more fads, and that’s a promise.

 Have any of you done a juice reboot in the past? If you have, I would love to talk to you about it! 


6 responses to My 5-Day Juice Journey: Challenged, Tortured, & Failed


    Very honest..I could never do it either.. xxx


    I did a similar juice cleanse!!! It was very hard, but I did my best to get through it


    I’m having second thought now lol 😂😂 You seem like a woman after my own heart #loveshergrub 👍


      I do like my grub! And let me just say if (and/or) when I do anything like that again, it will include at least one solid, yet sensibly healthy, meal per day. Or I’d do a smoothie challenge. (There was a great write up on one in the comments!) The 30-day shred was by far the best thing I’ve done fitness wise–AND IT WORKS! Xoxo

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