From Head to Toe: Outfit of the Day 11/16/13

November 20, 2013 — 1 Comment

What does one wear on a night out in a small Irish town? That was the question I was faced with Saturday night. I was headed out of Dublin, up to Drogheda, to stay with a dear friend of mine. She and her hubby were taking me out for dinner and then on to a charity boxing match where their friend was fighting, and finishing at the local pub.

As I stood staring in the wardrobe, I couldn’t help but feel compelled to my pink cowboy boots. Deciding to be true to my Southern roots (as my friend so kindly pointed out!), that was one item down.

Vintage, Italian leather, pink cowboy boots.

Vintage, Italian leather, pink cowboy boots.

But the bigger question was what on earth to wear with the boots? I had half of my wardrobe on the bed, trying on at least 15 different things — I wanted effortless casual but comfortable! I had settled on a pair of my dark wash skinny jeans and a white, cuffed button down blouse. I remembered I had purchased some bangles in Penny’s the day before, so I grabbed those out of the shopping bag still on the dining table. A hint of sparkle! (I’m overly drawn to shiny things — they stop me mid-sentence and in my tracks quite often…)


When I reached in for the bangles, I saw the black, knit sweater dress I had also purchased. I immediately changed my mind and abandoned the jeans/button down and went for the sweater dress instead. It was warm, casual, and comfortable. You’ll find out in a future post why I keep wearing hose instead of tights these days, but for now, just know that I styled the dress with hose. (Photo below)

To add more sparkle to my outfit, I grabbed a silver flower ring out of my jewelry pile and threw on the chunky silver necklace I’d purchased with the bangles.

Flower Ring
Chunky Necklace

Throw on a little mascara, a hot pink lip (to match the nails of course!), and this was my Saturday “fight night” outfit. I seriously forgot to take a full photo until we were a few drinks in, so, here I am again with a poor quality photo from head to toe. But, you get the picture, right?


This was the first time I’ve ever owned, or worn, cowboy boots. Being a southern girl, this is probably a bit of a shock, but, I feel I’ll be getting tons of use out of these amazing boots! I also had a friend visiting Nashville this weekend, so these boots were styled for you, in honor of your trip to my home city.

Friends, how did I do? Shoot me a line and tell me your thoughts!



One response to From Head to Toe: Outfit of the Day 11/16/13


    LOVES IT!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!

    So gorg. and dayum girl the styling is on point!

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