The Colours of Keukenhof: Adventures in Holland

April 25, 2014 — 2 Comments

If you saw my Double Denim post this week, you know I spent the past weekend in Holland.

My friend and I took a quick weekend trip over from Dublin to visit Keukenhof, known to many as the “Garden of Europe” for its annual flower display that runs from mid-March to mid-May.

Welcome to Keukenhof

Each year, the gardens house over 7 million flowers and it’s worth every breathtaking moment, even if flowers aren’t your thing! The fields are situated a hop, skip, and a jump from Amsterdam in the little town of Lisse.

And here I give you my weekend of colour! Tulips Tulips Tulips! Tulip Close-Up Shades of Pink White Purple Pink Tulips Orange Pink & Red Orange & Blue Pink and White FireWork Tulips Orchids Daffodils Colours!

Now, as I mentioned, if you want to see the tulips in full bloom, you better get out for a visit in mid-April before the warmer days make them drop their petals! The sites are absolutely amazing and these photos are only a tiny sample of what the 7 million bulbs have to offer!

I was lucky enough to wander into the Orchid exhibit and this year they found a way to incorporate fashion into the display! (For those of you who know my birthday theme, look closely at the mannequin.)

Masquerade Fashion + Orchid Display

It’s a great place for a quick visit! You can get from Dublin to Amsterdam in no time, and if you are looking to take the trip on a budget, you can easily fly into Eindhoven and hire a car and both Keukenhof and Amsterdam are a quick 1.5 hour drive.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the glorious colour combos I’ve given you here. Have you booked your flight yet? Until next time, XOXO – K


2 responses to The Colours of Keukenhof: Adventures in Holland


    Gorgeous colors! Tulips are my Fav

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